Candid Wedding Photography

  "From scuba diving in the Adnaman islands to a cross-country motorcycle ride through Nepal, from the mouthwatering dosas at Vidyarthi Bhavan, Bangalore to juicy, medium-rare steaks in San Francisco – my life is all about random experiences usually involving travel, food and music.
  I’m a wanderer and have absolutely no clue where I’m headed. At some point I was a programmer and now I tastefully document the Indian-ness of Indian weddings."
  The pictures look stunning and truly bring out the essence of our relationship – Love, fun and whole lot of goofiness! Thank you for capturing moments that we will cherish even many years down the line
- Shruti & Saurabh
  Every time we look through the pictures, it’s just like our wedding day all over again
- Vinubha & Raghu
  Viraj and I were very lucky to find each other and equally lucky to find Manas to capture the most important day of our lives
- Pooja & Viraj
  "A picture is supposed to say a 1000 words …thanks to Manas, our pictures say a lot more!!"
- Shruti & Vimal
  I was thrilled to have Manas be part of my wedding and forever grateful and amazed at how well and perfectly he captured the true essence of the event
- Shilpa & Gautam
  Friendly in his interactions and very professional in his work …someone who genuinely appreciates and respects his clients
- Chitra & Vinod