Candid Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Photographers

( Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Everywhere Else )

Imagine wedding photographers who interact but don’t instruct; who respect your space, care for your emotions and make pictures that are not just emotionally engaging, but also meaningful & memorable.
We are a husband-wife duo of candid wedding photographers who completely disqualify the typical image of the Indian wedding photographer. There is no formal business talk, no list of services, no army of photographers and no lights & umbrellas. Just think of us as a couple of friends attending your wedding and making pictures without intruding into your most precious & emotional moments.
More on this when we talk because on any given day, we value real conversations over fancy website text!

Candid Wedding Photography Testimonial by Deepti & Akshay
“A time capsule to the most wonderful, cherished memories of our lives”
- Deepti & Akshay
Candid Wedding Photography Testimonial by Vinubha & Raghu
“Every time I look through the pictures, it is just like my wedding day all over again”
- Vinubha & Raghu
Candid Wedding Photography Testimonial by Shruti & Saurabh
“The pictures look stunning and truly bring out the essence of our relationship”
- Shruti & Saurabh

Our Brand of Candid Wedding Photography

Let’s face it – wedding photography is a pain! On a day when people are at their emotional high-point, they’re given frequent & unwelcome commands by an army of photographers taking dry, emotionless pictures that are soon forgotten.
The vibrant, sophisticated & well-travelled 21st century Indian demands a more artistic & personal approach to wedding photography.
We want you to truly experience every moment of your wedding while we completely take on the responsibility of tastefully documenting the entire story. Our style of wedding photography is non-intrusive, honest & meaningful and we work towards a clear cut goal – “the story that we deliver should be so powerful that even years down the line, a flip of your wedding album brings back cherished memories in vivid detail.”

About Us

Here’s the history lesson. Manas, after an eight year stint as a techie, started “Manas Saran Photography” in Jan 2011. Neetika, a graphic designer, also pulled the plug on her corporate job to start “Neetika Photography” in March 2013. After collaborating with each-other on many assignments as independent artists, falling in love and getting married in 2014, we realized that working together as a unit is a better idea. Long story short – we met, we clicked, we got married and now we’re clicking even better!
We love to travel. So, being based in Bangalore doesn’t stop us from taking our brand of candid wedding photography to the remotest corner of the planet.
Within the last three years we have photographed over 75 weddings with different cultural contexts like Tamil Brahmin, Telugu, Kannada, North Indian, Christian, Bengali, Arya Samaj. We have worked in most big cities of India like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi / NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai, Mysore, Vizag, Goa etc. along with many small towns like Ajmer, Guntur, Nagapattinam, Davangere, Virudhnagar, Asansol, Kaziranga, Kothagudem, Vijayawada, Kakinada etc.