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Fear of Candid Wedding Photography

This one fear is influencing most of your wedding photography decisions

So what’s your team size?”, she asked. I had been expecting that question.

One”, I responded, “I shoot 90% of my weddings by myself

After a short pause, she said – “But how can you cover everything!!??”. I could feel a strong objection in her voice.

That’s okay, I miss pictures all the time”, I said.

This is the latest one of many such conversations. The case she was trying to make was that I might miss a lot of pictures shooting alone that perhaps a larger team won’t.

In my career so far, I’ve spoken to 500+ couples seeking a contemporary wedding photographer and the biggest insecurity I see across the board is FOMO or the Fear Of Missing Out!

The fear of missing out is massive!! So massive that it dictates all your decisions on wedding photography – whom to hire? how many to hire? traditional or candid? independent photographer or a team?
This is why you often see 10 people shooting the wedding, with the audience trying just to get a glimpse of the ceremony. It’s the reason you want pictures every time you get ready or change into a new attire. It makes you want to have a picture every time you smile or laugh or cry. …and yes, FOMO is responsible for that annoying camera in your face when you just want to peacefully have lunch.

Above all, the fear of missing out is the reason why the process of hiring a wedding photographer is so difficult & stressful!

Now here’s the good news. Just like most insecurities that people have, this fear is completely unfounded!

Would you ever try to imagine how a doctor would treat you or how a CA would handle your accounts?

Let’s start with why this fear of missing out is a figment of your imagination. The problem starts when you subconsciously try to imagine how your wedding would be shot. Think about it. Would you ever try to imagine how a doctor would treat you or how a CA would handle your accounts? I guess not!
You let the experts take over as they know more about their subject. As a non-photographer, you think about the most obvious moments and feel that only a limited set of good pictures are possible at a wedding. This creates a sense of scarcity and you focus on covering everything. Contrary to that, a good photographer always sees an abundance of moments and emotions.

Also, you are stressing a lot more about what you might miss, rather than focusing on what you would get from your photographer. Have a look at this email I received recently -

Client Likes Candid Wedding Photography

This wonderful email was sent by Anusha (my client and now a good friend) in response to a 37 picture limited preview of her wedding photo-story. Yes, you read that right – just 37 images!

That is the power of wedding photography when it is meaningful and personal; when it captures the essence of a wedding. Notice how she doesn’t care about the pictures I might have missed because the pictures she has are far more valuable. I will soon be delivering a 200-250 picture photo-story of her wedding.

Good wedding photography is always about quality and never about quantity.

All you really need is a handful of tastefully shot pictures that are relevant, meaningful and when put together, tell a comprehensive story of your big day

There is an abundance of relevant & meaningful picture opportunities in your wedding. So, Trust me when I say this – you don’t need everything covered!!
This is so important that I’ll say it again – you don’t need a picture of everything!
ll you really need is a handful of tastefully shot pictures that are relevant, meaningful and when put together, tell a comprehensive story of your big day. This is what you would love to go back to again and again. This is what will stay fresh and valuable through the years.

Switching from a feeling of scarcity to a sense of abundance is a powerful concept. Let’s pause here and internalize this. Lighten up, let it go!! Feeling better?

To summarize this post -

  • The strongest fear among couples seeking a wedding photographer, is the Fear Of Missing Out
  • This fear originates from a sense of scarcity of opportunities to make good pictures at a wedding
  • This fear is quite unfounded because every wedding has an abundance of opportunities to make meaningful pictures
  • Good photographers have a ability to spot these opportunities and make pictures that capture the essence of a wedding
  • Good photography is always about quality and not quantity

…and finally, here’s what you can do to keep this insecurity from affecting your wedding planning -

  • Do not try to put yourself in a wedding photographer’s shoes. Remember, they are the expert
  • Once you hire them, trust your photographer completely and listen to their advice
  • Focus on what you would get from your photographer, rather than stress about what they might miss
  • While hiring photographers, be thorough in your discussions. Get to know them and ask them good questions about their approach and priorities
  • Focus on tastefully summarizing your wedding into pictures
  • And finally, avoid coverage for the sake of coverage

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