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Manas Saran Looking Silly

The confessions of a candid wedding photographer!

Besides the fact that I like super-hero tees and sometimes even wear them on shoots, I have a few confessions to make -

  • I don’t understand romance and steer clear of sweetness, cuteness, awww’s and all the mush. My understanding of love is based on companionship, fun, humour and intense intellectual & physical intimacy.
  • I’m a small town guy now working with clients from big cities. Every time I try to be suave, I end up in a foot-in-mouth situation. Nevertheless, I still try!
  • I’m terrible at posing people. At some point I was trying my hands at fashion photography, only to eventually realize that I was shooting technically brilliant, boring pictures with no soul.
  • While starting out, I tried the “Fake it, till you make it” strategy using phrases like “We are a boutique wedding photography service” …and failed at it miserably. Whatever success I have seen so far, came only once I accepted and made peace with who I am and met people with brutal honesty.
  • I’m also guilty of trying to copy a lot of famous (read commercially successful) photographers in the beginning of my career. It took me a good two years to find my independent voice and style.
  • Whenever I update my blog with a new photo-story, my biggest challenge is writing the text to go with it. I’m sick and tired of calling every couple “lovely/amazing/awesome” and every wedding “beautiful & emotional”. if I didn’t connect with the couple or vice versa, I wouldn’t be working with them and as a photographer, my job is to artistically and accurately document a wedding, not to judge it.
    So, Every couple I work with is awesome and every wedding I shoot is beautiful. Period.
  • I often get emotional while documenting powerful moments at weddings. At such times, hiding behind my camera is my best strategy.
  • I once tried to hire content writers in a bid to keep up with the competition, only to realize that no one else could express me accurately. I’d rather express myself through my pictures and these poorly but honestly written posts.